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Easy Setup

This is midi2gmn online. Here you can convert your MIDI files into GUIDO MusicNotation. The conversion includes tempo-detection, voice-separation, quantisation, ornament-detection, key-detection, meter-detection and inferring of score elements like slurs and staccato markings. Please use the GUIDO Noteserver to display the GUIDO code as a score.

The midi2gmn algorithm is an implementation of results from the HEISENBERG project. A standalone commandline version of midi2gmn (Windows, Mac, Linux) can be downloaded from the midi2gmn download page.

Current version used = 1.4 (build 192)

This is the easy setup page expert users can also use the advanced setup including more parameters.

Disclaimer: You are only allowed to render scores of your own, private MIDI files and for non commercial purpose!
It is not permitted to use this site on copyright protected MIDI files!

Please note: midi2gmn is still under development. If you have any problems or bad quantised files, please let us know.

1. Enter the path and filename of your MIDI file.


2. Enter some information about the MIDI file has been created.

exported from notation software
recorded with sequencer metronome click
recorded freely without metronome click

3. Specify the type of output you intend:

Single voice including chords
Piano music style with two voices/staff-lines
Piano music style with three voices
Choral style with several monophonic voices without chords
Single staff guitar style

Please note: notes of different midi tracks will not be merged into the same voice/chord!

4. Specify optional settings:

Detect staccato
Detect slurs
Select meter signature (leave empty if unknown) /

5. Press the convert button

6. Please use the GUIDO Noteserver to display the GUIDO code as a score.

Advanced users can specify more user parameters on the advanced setup page

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